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Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures
Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures
A wide range of effects can be achieved with Cosmetic Tattoring Procedures; our highly skilled staff will be happy to discuss your options, provide advice and make professional recommendations for these truly life-changing treatments:

Consultation                                                                                                                          FREE
A thorough one-to-one consultation is conducted before any procedures can commence. A variety of information is gathered to make sure you are  suitable for the procedure, this includes the identification of any  contra-indications which might restrict or affect the treatment. Your skin tone will be identified during the consultation process to help with choosing pigment colours. A skin test is performed to identify  any allergies you may exhibit. You will then be introduced to the  various permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing techniques, giving you the opportunity to benefit from the vast subject knowledge of our technicians, making sure your experience is one you will cherish.

Scars Procedures                                                                                                                 POA
Most scars can be diminished with Permanent Make-Up. Implanting of pigments in the affected area can camouflage the scars and/or the use of dry needling to flatten and smooth out scar tissue, encourage production of collagen and melanin to minimise the appearance of scars and marks.

Alopecia Procedures                                                                                                            POA
Both men and women can be affected by this condition and we are able to use Permanent Cosmetics to give the appearance of beautiful brows and  help define the eyes where lashes have also been lost. Hair simulation is used to recreate 'hair' for those who have this condition.

Areola Procedures                                                                                                                POA
Most treatments require at least one touch-up of the required colour. Permanent Make-up can reconstruct areola to make them appear natural when no nipple or only partial nipple is present. Delicate shading is used to create 3-dimensional colour.

Stretch Marks Procedures                                                                                                  POA
Dry needling can have the effect of softening and smoothing stretch marks by waking up the collagen and bringing colour back to the affected area(s).

Burns Procedures                                                                                                                POA
Permanent Make-Up can be used to camouflage burnt skin with excellent results. Scars can also be reduced using the dry needling effect.

Cleft Lip Procedures                                                                                                           POA
Permament Cosmetics can produce excellent results; the cupid's bow can be redrawn, colour is selected and blended to give the mouth a natural looking shape.

Hair Simulation Procedures                                                                                               POA
Hair strokes can be recreated to camouflage and blend with any area on the body that may be affected with the effects of hair loss. Clients may request a large or small area of coverege depending on their own individual needs. An ever popular procedure with male as well as female clients.

Tattoo removal Procedures                                                                                               POA
A body tattoo can be removed on average in around three to four treatments, e-raze tattoo removal is effective on all tattoo colours and is effective on both professionally applied and most home made tattoos. Tattoo removal treatments are spaced at 8-12 week intervals.

Colour correction Procedures                                                                                          POA
The underlining clients skin tone can determine what eventual colour an implanted pigment will heal. In rare cases a pigment can alter slightly depending on different factors resulting in a colour that might not be the clients desired choice. With the knowledge of colour theory, unwanted colours can be reverted back to a more desirable shade.