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Male clients are realising the vast benefits of this Micropigmentation procedure!

Male pattern baldness affects millions of men of different ages every year, it can be a massive strain on a man's confidence and can have a major impact on a man's insecurities.

Have you have ever wished your hair was of a fuller appearance or have ever felt insecure that your scalp shows through?
Fortunately there is now an alternative to hair transplants, wigs, daily applied camouflage make up or simply living with the problem.
LivAva Micropigmentation Consultants can offer a procedure that combines the highly skilled technique of hair stroke replication along with pigment colour camouflage.

By skillfully implanting various coloured pigments directly into the desired area, matching the hairs natural surrounding environment, thus creating an appearance of thicker, fuller hair. A procedure introduced and  primarily used for our Alopecia clients, it can result in a very satisfactory more permanent solution.

Micropigmentation can also solve the problem of irregular root shapes found in hair transplants and can soften and/or camouflage any scarring that a client may be left with after a hair transplant. This procedure creates the finishing touch that makes a good hair transplant into a great one. With the relatively high costs of hair transplants a tailored Micropigmentation procedure is a absolute must to tailor a more professional finished result.

More and more male clients are realising the vast benefits of this Micropigmentation procedure.

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Male Pattern Baldness